These Conditions of Sale constitute the notice of terms of the NZSSAA’s and Auctioneer’s services for selling or attempting to sell Stock at auction. They:

  • must be made readily available to view by all participants and potential participants in the auction,
  • bind the NZSSAA, the Vendor and the Purchaser in all transactions entered into at this Saleyard whether by auction, private contract or otherwise, and
  • are binding even if not read aloud at any stage or if not referred to at any time when business is being transacted.

Other specific Vendor or NZSSAA terms may apply to the sale of the Stock between the Vendor and Purchaser directly (such as a sale note), and/or for the operation of NZSSAA customer accounts or the extension of credit for the purchase of Stock.

If there is any inconsistency between those separate contracts and these Conditions of Sale in relation to the NZSSAA or Auctioneer, the NZSSAA or Auctioneer will determine which terms prevail.

Click here to download the latest version: October 2014 (pdf)

The New Zealand Stock & Station Agent’s Association Conditions of Sale